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Adam Garza

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

About me

Throughout my college career I intended to be an IT Administrator and went to Purdue University fully motivated to become just that. As many of us may have already experienced, life seems to always has other plans. So with a slight change in the winds, I found myself under a creative umbrella. Since then, I have been creating clean, elegant, and creative designs for web, print, digital media, and more.

It's been almost 25 years now since I've learned many of the basic languages such as HTML and CSS used for creating websites on my own (yeah, I would reverse engineer them to see how they functioned). Since then, I have learned and strive to master these languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Illustrator, Photoshop and all that nerd stuff). I have also worked with popular CMS (content-management systems) such as Wordpress and Weebly for an easy transition to client hand-off.

Now that you know my story, I'm feeling somewhat exposed. So take the leap and drop me an Email... tell me a bit about yourself, what you would like to create, and how I may be able to help you.

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Web Development
Web Design
Graphic Design

The process

It's not rocket science


Failing to properly onboard a client has consequences that can ripple through the life of the project. Without the proper plan in place, execution becomes misguided, and the campaign has no direction. A project without clear direction and complete buy-in on both sides doesn't stand much of a chance. I'm sure you have experienced this in the past. I know I have, and it wasn't fun.

I do expect you as a client to be involved, especialy since you know your business and the direction in which you want to guide it, far better than I do. The more information you as a client initially provides, the better the result for the both of us (especially the client).

Topics we will cover in the development stage may vary but a few starting points may include:
• Corporate Profile
• Market Position
• Communication Task
• Target Market – Demographics
• Objectives
• Schedule/Deadline



Whether you're a graphic designer, web developer, programmer or otherwise, having a system set up will help you get the work done faster in addition to keeping things organized and the designer/client relationship a positive one.

Once we have a clear strategy, the idea is to create preliminary design concepts based on the strategy we developed. Developing concepts can be done through various means when inspiration strikes, but here are some of the most effective:
• Mind Mapping: A diagram that's used to represent words, ideas, and tasks linked to a central idea.
• Free Writing: A great way to get your ideas down on paper and later expand on them.
• Layout Creation: From collected inspiration, play around with color schemes and typography until a direction strikes you.

This is when I begin to design. With your help... these ideas can then be narrowed down to one focused idea for further development and refinement.



With an approved design, the developer is now able to implement the finished piece across all deliverables, which may include digital print and web.

Depending on the project and media type, the materials may often be handed off to a third-party, which includes:
• Prepress/Printer
• Media Outlet
• Web Launch

If it's a web project, instructions and documentation may be required for administrative purposes, or web host launching. There's nothing more rewarding than turning over a completed project to a satisfied client. With a solid process in place for completing such projects, we not only establish a closer relationship, but we take a lot of the guesswork out when it comes down to creating something memorable for you.

The portfolio

Web Design & Development

Web Design

Canine Affinity
All you need is LOVE and a DOG

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Web Design

Nephrology Specialists
Serving NWI

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A few projects

If the dreams for your future don't scare you... dream bigger
Dashing Hound Branding Project


Dashing Hound Shampoo Project
Hammond Soccer Combine Project


Hammond Soccer Combine
Munster Electronicas Branding Project


Munster Electronics Start-Up
Purdue Northwest GenCyber Print Project


Purdue University Northwest - GenCyber Camp 2016
Decadent Doggie Print Project


Decadent Doggie Project
Good Vibes Project


Good Vibes Project
Munster Electronicas Branding Project


Beaner Project
Munster Electronicas Branding Project


Fat Kid Mafia Project
Studio MKM Business Cards


Studio MKM Business Cards
Canine Affinity Business Cards


Canine Affinity Business Cards

What people say about me

Besides all the cursing

The logo design for the Gencyber Camp 2016 at PNW, perfectly complimented our scheme, "cybersecurity and the joint effort among government agencies and academia."

by Michael Tu, PhDPurdue Northwest

In an effort to build my business site, The Creative Few impressed me with efficiency and effectiveness. Adam, quickly implemented web functionality that is useful for my business.

by Joe FelicianoRoof Tek

We were extremely lucky to have Adam on our team for 5 years. He and his company handled every part of our Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Design, Print Work and Web Design effectively.

by Adrian MorenoCanine Affinty
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